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How This Works:

  • We have broken our list of questions into multiple pages. You can go through the pages and answer as many as you like.
  • When you have answered some of the questions push the save button or the signup button. This will create an account and store your information securely.
  • You can skip any question and you can always come back to finish. If you want to add a question that was not included you can choose "Add Your Own Questions" at the bottom of the page.
  • Be sure to save your wishes often.

Legal Stuff

  • Your wishes, recorded here, are not legally binding. If you have wishes you want legally binding you will need to add them to your will or other legal document. We recommend talking to a lawyer. If you want to do it yourself, we have links to resources on the "Next Steps" page.
  • Do not add any information that is sensitive. This includes passwords, credit card numbers, combinations to locks, or Social Security numbers. We suggest that you put this information in a safe place and include the location in your wishes.

Basic Information

Current Address

Social Accounts


Photos of You

You can upload 2 photos for free. For a one time charge of $10, you can upload up to 20 of your favoirte phots and get other premium features.

Funeral Arrangements

Documents and Assets

For your security, we do not recommend that you store passwords with your wishes. We recommend programs like 1Password or lastPass to manage your passwords. You can write down your master password and save it with your other documents, or you can give it some of your loved ones.




For a one time fee of $10, you can record your goodbyes for your loved ones. The goodbyes can be sent out after 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks, or a year. You can also have them saved in your wishes document. If you upgrade you will also be able to upload 20 photos and generate PDF files for saving and printing.

Finishing Up

Exporting your Wishes

Export your wishes to a pdf file. You can print out the file or save it on your computer. Note: This is a premium feature.

You can get PDF Export and all other premium features for a one time payment of $10

Allow Loved Ones to View Your Wishes Online

After your death, we will email your loved ones with instructions on how to view your wishes. Optionally, you can allow them to view your wishes anytime.

Determining When You Have Passed

Next Steps

Will and Other Legal Documents


If you do not have a will, now is the time to do it. The software below makes it easy to create a basic will, but if you have a more complex situation we recommend you hire an estate attorney.

Living Will

A living will, also known as an advanced directive or a healthcare directive, is a legal document defining your end of life decisions. For example, do you want to be kept on life support even if there is little chance of recovering?

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney lets someone else act in your place if you are incapacitated.

Document Storage

First Alert has a fire safe that reviews well.

While you are at it, do you have a good fire extinguisher and smoke alarms?