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What We Do

We help you collect and organize your last wishes. There is a great deal of information your loved ones will need to handle your estate. You can make it easy for them by preparing everything they need. We collect:

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Our Story

In 2001 my mother was killed and my father was put into ICU after a head-on collision with a truck. As my brother and I grieved and worried about our father, we also had to handle all of the funeral arrangements. This is when I realized I had never talked to mother about any of her wishes. I did not know if she wanted to be buried or cremated. I could not even remember her favorite flowers. After wading through these decisions, we had to figure out life insurance by going through countless boxes of papers and bills. It could have been much easier. Since then, I used my personal experience and skills as a software developer to create WishesKeeper as a way to help others.

Collect all the information your loved ones will need in one place

Provide your loved ones with information to easily manage your affairs and allow them time to grieve properly.

We have the questions

We have collected questions that will help you organize all your information.

  • Your basic information
  • Your history
  • Funeral preferences
  • Insurance policies
  • Bank accounts and real estate

Premium Features

For a small one-time fee of $10, you can have all of the premium features including:

  • Upload twenty of your favorite pictures
  • Generate a PDF for downloading or printing
  • Add personal goodbye notes to your loved ones that can be sent through email