This page contains commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

General Questions
You do not need to register until you are ready to save your information.
No, they are not legally binding. Your wishes are for your family and friends to help them make decisions and find information. If you have wishes about property, money, or custody you will need to create a legal will. We recommend hiring a lawyer or using one of the services on our "Next Steps" page.
The service is free for anyone to use. We would love it if you signed up for one of our paid plans, but would be more than happy if you simply told your friends and family about us.
You can skip any question that does not apply to you or you do not feel comfortable answering.
As often as you like.
If you have forgotten your password click the "Forgot Password" link on the login window. This will send an email to you with a link to a page to reset your password. If you need additional assistance you may Contact Us.
At this time you need to Contact Us from the email of your account. Please tell us you want to close the account and if you do not mind, why you are closing the account. We will contact you for confirmation.
Privacy and My Data
We do not sell your data. We respect your privacy.
Yes your data is secure. We only use high quality cloud services with a proven track record of security (Amazon AWS). Your data is encrypted at the browser with your unique key. Passwords are encrypted (hashed) and stored in a secure user management system.
You have options to only show your wishes after you pass away or to let some people see your wishes immediately.
You should not store any sensitive information in this service. For sensitive information you should print it out and keep it with your documents or use a program like the excellent 1Password.
The following are the situations when you will receive an email:
  • To verify your email address after registration
  • If someone with permission reads your wishes
  • If someone has notified us of your death
  • Once a year we remind you to review your wishes
Yes, but we strongly advise against opting out of receiving emails, as you will not be notified of important account activity. We do not send advertisements or sell your email address. If you do choose to opt out of receiving emails, log into your account and go to the "Basic Information" page. Under the email address are some check boxes for choosing your email preferences.
Proof of Death
One or more of your Loved Ones, depending on your preferences, need to report that you have passed. An email will be sent to your email address in case this is fraudulent. In addition if someone presents a valid copy of a death certificate we will release your wishes.
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